This portfolio contains a small sampling of some of Fox Hill Photo's best dog photography. Puppies, adult dogs, and breeds of all kinds. If you're looking for dog stock photography for your next project, or simply want to book a pet/dog portrait session with our dog photographers, we can take care of it! Fox Hill Photo, Northern Wisconsin Photographers, located in Phelps, WI. Dachshund strutting around in front of an old red barnYellow Labrador Retriever swimming in pondSled Dog racing in Northern WisconsinWest Highland Terrier portraitBoxer portraitWest Highland Terrier jumping upChocolate Lab puppy, portraitSiberian Husky, white, lying on a hill with dramatic cloudsChocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, outdoors, standing in lakeJack Russell Terrier, broken coat, looking in watering canPembroke Welsh Corgi outdoors, yellow flowers, jumping upDeutscher Wachtelhund dog, playing/runningDJ-AE-17-303-EDJ-AU17-60-329DJ-AU17-61-63-EDJ-AU17-81-262DJ-AUS-18-228-EDJ-GR-180-234-EDJ-GRP-1-6DJ-PWC-J17-199-EDJ-SI17-74-E-2DJ-WG-6-197-EDJ-WP-1-112